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About us

The department upholds the school motto of "honesty and faith,” cultivating human culture, science and technology, innovative thinking and fostering an international perspective of practical talents. The department is comprised of five core areas: Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Business, Digital Design School of Engineering and the Research Center, focusing on teaching and research, as well as theory and practice. It is the school’s aim to provide continual development in order in the spirit of enterprise-class institutions. The department’s main concentrations are on professional knowledge and ability, and humane care; hardware and software construction; theoretical teaching and featured production; academic research and industry-university cooperation; and domestic development and international exchange.

Education goals of our department

Our educational objectives are: 

  • Both in teaching and research areas to establish a highly competitive international university with the best domestic-industry cooperation.
  • Both in humanities and high technology training  to develop a global vision and independent thinking, which are highly valued and socially useful talents.

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) is a famous university and research center located in Yongkang City, Tainan. STUST has a excellent location which is located at the junction of downtown, and close to the Tainan Science and Industry Park and Yongkang Industrial Zone. Considering advantages and disadvantages of our campus and students, the president Dr. Tai, Chein  carefully planning the university strategies, and set up goals for STUST development.

The goals for College of Engineering include:

  • To learn engineering and management knowledge that can solve problems and cooperate with different people.
  • To have abilities of research and development that meet industry needs.
  • To establish characteristics of lifelong learning and social care.

The goals of our department focus on education and research of computer science and information engineering. These include innovative thinking, professional ability, teamwork, social care and sustainable development. Our department is accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education (IEET), and continuously improving our education goals and students' core competence with colleagues, experts, graduated students, company managers, high school teachers and students' parents. 

Admissions and academic classes

1. Undergraduate degree. (8 classes, two classes for each grade)

2. Graduate school.

3. 4-years night school.

All the classes are accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education (IEET).